What we do

We offer full-service vegetation management solutions which provide a means for improved soil health.  Soil health plays an important role in the productivity and sustainability of solar farms. Healthy soil supports a diverse range of plant growth, which can help to reduce soil erosion and improve the overall health of the ecosystem. In addition, healthy soil can help to sequester carbon, which can help to mitigate the impact of climate change. 


Proper vegetation management helps retain water, minimize erosion and nurture native species of plant life which can result in lower-cost energy by helping cool solar panels.  In addition, there are other benefits as well.  We plant native and other beneficial vegetation that are friendly to bees and other pollinators which can also help improve yields of nearby farms and apiaries. 


Maintaining vegetation under your solar array can be a time-consuming prospect.  Without upkeep, plants and grass could grow too high and shade the panels, thus reducing energy output.  Make Agrisolar your go-to company for solar array vegetative maintenance.  Experience our many years of dedicated stewardship of the land. 


Looking for help seeding under your solar array or vegetation management we have the answer for you.

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Agrisolar LLC takes advantage of vegetation management by including pollinators to increase yields of local farmers.